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The movement towards greater specialisation in construction law is expected to enhance the quality of construction practitioners in Singapore as it strives to export its expertise across the region. This year’s SCL (Singapore) Annual Conference will both debate the benefits and challenges of specialisation and explore some of the trending topics occupying our community.

Construction lawyers have been identified as the pilot for expert accreditation in Singapore and our Keynote Speaker, Justice Quentin Loh, has been tasked by the Chief Justice to lead the accreditation effort. Justice Loh will provide an update on progress as part of his Keynote Address.

This Conference will feature:

  1. A debate on specialisation & accreditation of construction practitioners
  2. A panel discussion on trending issues in compliance and due diligence in the construction industry
  3. Presentations on the Singapore International Commercial Court for construction disputes
  4. An in-house counsel panel : “What Keeps You Awake at Night?”

This Conference aims to bring together legal practitioners, in-house counsel and construction industry stalwarts from around Asia to discuss the future of our industry.

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Penalties Revisited - Implications for Liquidated Damages Provisions in Construction Contracts

This talk will consider the recent English Supreme Court judgment of Cavendish Square Holding BV v Talal El Makdessi and ParkingEye Limited v Beavis and its implications for this area of law across common law jurisdictions.

It is a fact of life that construction projects over-run intended completion dates (and, as applicable, fail to meet guaranteed performance levels). A number of key issues arise when this happens. The speakers will discuss these key issues in light of the recent decision and by reference to the following questions:

  1. are there any minimum requirements for an effective liquidated damages provision?
  2. if I have a liquidated damages provision is that the maximum amount payable for any delay (or underperformance)?
  3. how do I work out what to include in my liquidated damages provision?
  4. when can liquidated damages be deducted?
  5. if a project is obviously going to be late (or underperform) are there any practical steps to take?
  6. is there a better way to deal with delayed projects (or underperformance)?

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Construction Law 101 (7th Run) 

This course is designed for practitioners in the construction industry interested in the basic principles of construction law. It will review general rights and obligations of contractors and employers, as well as time, payment, SOP and dispute related issues in construction contracts. It is principally designed for non-lawyers in the construction industry but lawyers seeking an introduction to this area may also be interested. It will be taught in 4 evening classes over 3 weeks. A Certificate of Attendance from the SCL (Singapore) will be issued to all attendees who fully attend and successfully complete the Course.

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Join the Society of Construction Law (Singapore)

If your work is directly or indirectly connected with the construction industry and the law relating to it and you have a serious and active interest in construction law, be a member of the Society of Construction Law (Singapore)!

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