November 2020 • Issue No. 49

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20 Jan 2021 WEBINAR: Annual Construction Law Update 2021 
27 Jan & 2, 4, 9 Feb 2021 Construction Law 101 - Online Course (11th Run!): Sessions 1 - 4

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SCL(S) Council 2020-2022

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Welcome to new SCL(S) Members

October 2020 to November 2020
1. Brian Savaridas
2. Fook Sin Ong

Post Event Updates

Webinar: The Circuit Break - Picking up the Pieces  

(24 September 2020)


WEBINAR: Bond Calls and Interim Relief  

(03 September 2020)


WEBINAR: The Impact of Law on the Architect in Practice  

(22 July 2020)


WEBINAR FORMAT! Picking Fruit from Scorched Earth – Practical Tips for Managing Construction Arbitrations Efficiently

(23 June 2020)


Chairman's Message - November 2020

Dear SCL(S) members, 

A warm welcome to this edition of our newsletter, the second of Council 2020-2022!
I am honoured to be the new Chair of SCL Singapore, joining a list of illustrious past Chairs.
I feel really lucky to have with me an excellent Council team lined up to serve the Society.
I am desirous of reaching out to as many of you in the construction industry as is possible to continue the upward trajectory in finding and implementing more ways to serve the industry itself in line with the SCL Singapore Constitution. We will stay the course and continue with what we have that has made SCL Singapore what it is today. We will endeavour to find new and innovative ways to make our wide-ranging group of members - new and existing - feel this is an integral part of all of us, something that we can relate to, and to serve but always to remember to enjoy the journey!
I look forward to the continuing excellent support of June and her team at Intellitrain, the Society’s Secretariat.
I hope to meet and catch up with as many of you fellow kindred spirits as is practically possible. As always, your support means a lot to us!
Stay safe and vigilant.

Lee Chau Ee 
Chairman, SCL (Singapore) 


Renewal of Membership in the Society of Construction Law (Singapore) – 2021

Members are reminded that the current term of membership expires on 31 December 2020.
If you have not yet renewed your membership, to continue to enjoy the benefits as a member of SCL (Singapore), we would be most grateful to receive your online membership renewal no later than Friday, 18 December 2020.

The renewal fee payable is $150.00 nett.

Your login details are required to complete the renewal process. 

If you have forgotten your login details, please email the SCL(S) Secretariat.

To renew online, please follow the simple steps below:
  1. Go to the “Members’ Login”.
  2. Enter your login details.
  3. You will then be prompted to edit your details. Check/update your details, starting from the first “Profile” tab till the last tab “Membership Renewal”.


Case Note: Sandy Island Pte Ltd v Thio Keng Thay [2020] SGCA 86 

The Singapore Court of Appeal's recent decision in Sandy Island Pte Ltd v Thio Keng Thay [2020] SGCA 86 provides clarity on the nature and operation of defects liability clauses in building and construction contracts.
Importantly, the SGCA held that, (i) in the absence of express and clear language to the contrary, defects liability clauses do not operate to exclude an employer’s common law rights to recover damages for defects as a result of a contractor’s breach of contract and (ii) an employer's refusal to allow a contractor access to the site to perform rectification works does not operate to extinguish the employer’s common law rights to recover... 

Contributed by: Rakesh Nelson - MPillay

Latest Post Event Updates

WEBINAR: Making or Breaking Your Case - What Makes an Effective Expert Witness 

(8 October 2020)

On 8th October 2020, SCL(S) had the pleasure of hosting a professional development webinar presented by Dr Colin Ong QC on the very current and interesting topic ‘Making or breaking your case – What makes an effective Expert Witness”.

Dr Ong shared his extensive experience (as Queen’s Counsel of 36 Stone (London)) with expert witnesses in terms of their use, common law history, categories of evidence, their overriding duty, impartiality, expertise, possible negligence, use in international...

Contributed by: Anil Changaroth - ChangAroth Chambers LLC & ChangAroth International Consultancy

Newsletter Editors: Ashok Rai & Toh Chen Han

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