July 2021 • Issue No. 53

Upcoming Events

Date Title
24 Aug 2021 Annual General Meeting 2021
31 Aug 2021 WEBINAR: Intellectual Property in Construction - From Tender to Termination
23 Sept 2021 HYBRID FORMAT! Annual Construction Law Conference 2021: HOPE AND FEARS - the Built Environment in the Next Decade  
14 Oct 2021 WEBINAR: Experts: Managing Conflicts In Construction
24 Nov 2021 WEBINAR: “Adverse Ground Conditions” (Title TBC)  

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Welcome to new SCL(S) Members

June 2021 to July 2021
1. Lesley Fu
2. Beverly Tan
3. Wave Ng
4. Chee Kong Chew
8. Leonard Watt
5. Eugene Lee
6. Zachary Song
7. Ben Bury

Post Event Updates

WEBINAR: The Law of Construction
Insurance: A Primer 

(19 May 2021)


WEBINAR: Delay & Disruption – Have You been Disrupted? How do You Prove it?

(21 April 2021)


Immediate Past Chairman's Message - July 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to present this 53rd issue of our Newsletter, our last for the 2020-2021 Council year. The Annual General Meeting will be upon us soon, so members can expect to receive the usual pre-meeting communications in coming weeks.
The Society is grateful to Justin Tan for his informative piece on Diamond Glass v Zhong Kai Construction where the Court of Appeal considered the issue of winding up applications over unpaid SOPA adjudication debts, and to Jim Chessell and Darren Benger for their entertaining contributions on what went down at the Lighthouse Club Quiz Nite on 17 June.
We were also very pleased to have James Howell QC and Shourav Lahiri of Atkin Chambers speak on the complexities of Limitation Periods in Construction Disputes on 28 July 2021.
Also highly anticipated is the talk on 31 August 2021 by Shemane Chan and Ng Kim Beng of Rajah & Tann, who will cover the often inadequately addressed issue of Intellectual Property Rights generated in the course of a construction project, from tender to termination.
I am absolutely certain that there will be a lot of learning to be had from these upcoming talks and will strongly recommend them to you our members and friends.

Toh Chen Han,
Immediate Past Chairman, SCL (Singapore)


Winding up applications over unpaid adjudicated amounts after the Court of Appeal’s decision in Diamond Glass 

Claimants who succeed at adjudication under the SOP Act sometimes find their success illusory if the respondent fails to pay the adjudicated amount.[1] Such claimants may decide to take a ‘nuclear’ approach by applying to wind up the respondent based on the unpaid adjudicated amount.

However, such ‘nuclear’ approaches may become less viable after the recent Court of Appeal’s decision in Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd v Zhong Kai Construction Co Pte Ltd [2021] SGCA 61 (“Diamond Glass”), due to two aspects of the Court of...

Contributed by: Justin Tan - WongPartnership LLP

Latest Post Event Updates

Lighthouse Club (Singapore) - Society of Construction Law (Singapore) Joint Virtual Trivia Night 

(17 June 2021)

The Lighthouse Club Singapore partnered with the Society of Construction Law (Singapore) to run a successful Virtual Quiz Night in June under the masterful guidance of quizmaster Sid Bhalla. The rounds included “Music featuring Famous Dance Scenes” where teams had to name the movie, “Science”, “Geography”, “Celebrity Mug Shots” and another music round featuring hits where the teams had to name the song and artist!  

All teams were found to be well versed in the music rounds, with all scoring in the high ranges!  Team “SCL(S)” were found to be the team that watches FBI’s Most Wanted as they were the only team to correctly answer Jeremy Meeks as the ‘Hot Felon’ from...

Contributed by: Jim Chessell - President, Lighthouse Club (Singapore)
Lighthouse Club (Singapore) - Society of Construction Law (Singapore) Joint Virtual Trivia Night 

(17 June 2021)

SCL(S) was honoured to join with Lighthouse Club to hold the Quiz Nite held on Thursday 17 June 2021.

Chairman Chau Ee, together with Trevor and Darren (otherwise known as the SCL Assassins), proudly represented SCL(S).

Despite not boasting a connoisseur in 80's Pop, nor recognising a youthful Mickey Rouke, the Assassins acquitted themselves admirably by scoring 60/70 and finishing in 2nd place, a mere 2 points behind the winners.

More importantly, though, the event helped raise money for Lighthouse Club's worthy causes, and all participants had lots of fun. We look forward to even more SCL(S) members joining the next quiz nite.

Contributed by: Darren Benger - VivATA Pte Ltd; Council Member, SCL (Singapore)

Newsletter Editors: Ashok Rai & Toh Chen Han

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