June 2022 • Issue No. 58

Upcoming Events

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21 Jul 2022
WEBINAR: The Challenges and Pitfalls of Managing Documents in Large Construction Disputes
4 Aug 2022
WEBINAR: SCL Singapore - A 20 Year Journey and Beyond: Strategic Leadership Dialogue with SCL Singapore Past Chairs
4 Aug 2022
Annual General Meeting 2022 
28 Oct 2022
HYBRID FORMAT! SCL (Singapore) 3rd "Focus on Asia Conference" 2022: Construction Post Covid – Getting Back to Business?
28 Oct 2022
20th Anniversary Dinner 

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May 2022 to June 2022
1. Martin Duckett
2. Lee Wan Ling
3. Tze Wei Julian Lim
4. Megumi Yamamoto
5. Wei Shing Ngo
6. Mark Ng
7. Shourav Lahiri
8. Vivian Wong
9. Paul Carmody
10. Simon Elliot
11. Mark Dempsey SC
12. Ryan Woodhall
13. Damien Xing
14. Chris Utton

Post Event Updates

WEBINAR: Project Success or Failure – What Complexity Theory Can Tell Us About Risk in Construction

(20 April 2022)


WEBINAR: Understanding the Construction Contract in a Project Financing

(31 March 2022)


WEBINAR: Annual Construction Law Update 2022

(27 January 2022)


Co-Editor's Message - June 2022

Dear SCL(Singapore) members,

Welcome everyone to the mid-year issue of the newsletter.

The Society has been active hosting webinars and producing newsletters for the benefit of our members. In this issue, we cover the webinar entitled ‘Financial Instruments in Construction Projects’ hosted on 25 May 2022. Anil Changaroth chaired the webinar and the speakers were David Platt and Jia Lin Ho from Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP.

We are also currently busy organising the Annual General Meeting and the Strategic Leadership Dialogue with SCL (Singapore) Past Chairs which will take place in August 2022. These are events that you would not want to miss.

Thank you again for your support.

Ashok Kumar Rai
Co-Editor, SCL (Singapore) Newsletter


For more information, download the Conference brochure HERE or email to secretariat@scl.org.sg. 



Joint Ventures in Construction: ‘Where Did it All Go Wrong?’

The concept of joining forces with another party to take on a construction project is not a new one. Whether it be a means of entering a previously unexplored region, harnessing specialist engineering capabilities, or simply a means of diluting risk exposure, a joint venture (or “JV”) can be a very effective vehicle, if used correctly.

Working extensively in the disputes field, our construction professionals at FTI Consulting have observed numerous disputes arising among JV partners over recent years. While these disputes have their own unique characteristics and features, many of them share common underlying issues.

The various forms of JV agreements and their inherent features and legal intricacies are not considered...

Contributed by: Chris Rudland - FTI Consulting

Latest Post Event Updates

WEBINAR: Financial Instruments in Construction Projects

(25 May 2022)

On 25th May, SCL(S) hosted yet another successful webinar (as part of its Professional Development programme to promote  education in the field of construction law) – with an evening presentation on Financial Instruments in Construction Projects   by the Pinsent Mason MPillay LLP team of David Platt and Jia Lin Ho.

During the evening moderated by Council member Anil Changaroth, David and Jia Lin took the attendees through the very practical, procedural aspects of construction projects’ financial instruments including Performance, Advance Payment and other Bonds; Payment and Standby Letters of Credit and Facilities; and Currency Hedging. Throughout the evening, both speakers interchangeably dealt with...

Contributed by: Anil Changaroth - ChangAroth InterNational Consultancy and ChangAroth Chambers LLC

Newsletter Editors: Ashok Rai & Toh Chen Han

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