August 2022 • Issue No. 59
SCL Singapore celebrates its 20th anniversary
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Upcoming Events

Date Title
28 Oct 2022
HYBRID FORMAT! SCL (Singapore) 3rd "Focus on Asia Conference" 2022: Construction Post Covid – Getting Back to Business?
28 Oct 2022
SCL (Singapore) 20th Anniversary Dinner 

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Welcome to new SCL(S) Members

July 2022 to August 2022
1. Jesusito Morallos
2. Jacob Quek
3. Aleesha Way
4. Hamzah Risheq
5. Andrew Taylor

Post Event Updates

WEBINAR: Financial Instruments in Construction Projects

(25 May 2022)


WEBINAR: Project Success or Failure – What Complexity Theory Can Tell Us About Risk in Construction

(20 April 2022)


WEBINAR: Understanding the Construction Contract in a Project Financing

(31 March 2022)


WEBINAR: Annual Construction Law Update 2022

(27 January 2022)


Lighthouse Club (Singapore): Xmas Quiz Night

(09 December 2021)

WEBINAR: Adverse Physical Conditions – What should an experienced contractor be expected to foresee?

(24 November 2021)


Immediate Past Chairperson's Message - August 2022

Dear fellow SCL(S) members

Welcome to the latest edition of our SCL(S) newsletter, which is the first of our duly elected Council now helmed by Moon Kua – many congratulations again, Moon!

One of the perks of being the new Council's Immediate Past Chairman is that I get to pen the Message for its first newsletter.

I consider myself the privileged one – the lucky one – to be chair of SCL(S) after an evolutionary journey through its initial 18 years. The hard work was done by my illustrious past nine chairs in setting it all up, paving the way, engineering the roadmap and making the tough decisions, all of which led us to where we are. I only had to fortify all of that so that none of it withered away during the pandemic years of my time as chair. At the same time, I needed the enterprise, desire and spirit to bring us onwards to our third decade. I am filled with gratitude to be afforded this opportunity. It was an honour to serve. I enjoyed my time. I learnt a lot. And, I certainly grew up (in fact, quite a bit along the way!). I am thankful to everyone who helped, encouraged and pushed me along...

Lee Chau Ee
Immediate Past Chairperson, SCL (Singapore)


Restraining calls on on-demand performance bonds – practical considerations for Contractors and Employers

Performance bonds have often been used in the construction industry as a means of security to assure the performance of contractors or to afford an employer with the means to recover for damages arising out of breaches attributable to contractors. 

In many ways, the evolution of on-demand performance bonds should mean that there would be fewer disputes concerning the beneficiary’s entitlement to call on the bond as compared to a conditional bond.  In the case of conditional bonds, it is natural that litigation would arise over the myriad of issues surrounding, for example, the scope of the condition, its phrasing and whether this has been triggered. 

Similar issues do not arise in the case of on-demand bonds, where such pre-conditions... 

Contributed by: Kelvin Kek, Ng Si Ming and Alisa Toh - Allen & Gledhill LLP

Latest Post Event Updates

SCL Singapore Annual General Meeting 2022

(4 August 2022)

The 2022 Annual General Meeting kicked off with current Chairman, Lee Chau Ee, reminding attendees of the requirement for the meeting to be held virtually in accordance with the current guidelines set out in the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

Chau Ee then took the meeting through the various items on the agenda with the following being some of the highlights.

The Society has a new Council team that was duly elected in accordance...

Contributed by: Chris Rudland  – FTI Consulting 
WEBINAR: SCL Singapore - A 20 Year Journey and Beyond: Strategic Leadership Dialogue with SCL Singapore Past Chairs - Session 1

(4 August 2022)

The session was a highly interesting one. Alex Wong was his usual affable self as the moderator of the dialogue. We heard from past Chairs who regaled the audience with stories about how the Society was started and the challenges it faced. Justice Jeyaretnam was the founding Chairman of the Society and he talked about reaching out to members of the construction bar and construction companies to get their support. These individuals would meet in his office. One useful tip that we took away was that wine is a helpful lubricant in in getting everyone to work together!

What was also interesting was that every past Chair took on his chairmanship at a time when significant events were taking place...

Contributed by: Ashok Rai – Cairnhill Law LLC
WEBINAR: SCL Singapore - A 20 Year Journey and Beyond: Strategic Leadership Dialogue with SCL Singapore Past Chairs - Session 2

(4 August 2022)

As the current Chair, Lee Chau Ee Lee kicked off the second session, continuing the journey through time from 2012 to present in the same engaging format as the first.  As Chair from 2012-2014, Anil Changaroth recounted how his introduction to the hotseat came at a time of stability for the Society, with previous Chairs and Council members (himself included) having worked hard to provide this.  Anil remembered his desire to focus on maintaining this stability through continuity within the Council, while reaching out to the industry to engage the next generation of members.

Following Anil as Chair from 2014-2016 was Darren Benger.  Darren similarly recalls inheriting strong foundations for the Society, from the standpoints of membership, finances, events and administration. Among other things, he placed particular focus on international connectivity, which saw the formation of the International Liaisons...

Contributed by: Chris Rudland – FTI Consulting
WEBINAR: The Challenges and Pitfalls of Managing Documents in Large Construction Disputes

(21 July 2022)

The topic of the webinar was a departure from others in that it dealt with the practical realities of large construction disputes in contrast to the more academic tone of other webinars. The speakers talked about how it is common for practitioners to often have to go through thousands of pages of documents in a typical construction dispute and the challenges associated with the same. Danna Er and Ho Yong Kin gave their perspectives from their point of view as litigators. They talked about  the importance of being organised and getting the client’s assistance where possible. Serena Lim explained how...

Contributed by: Ashok Rai  – Cairnhill Law LLC


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