Speaker: Mr Anthony Clifford
Event Date: 21 May 08
Event Title: Programming in Construction
Title of Paper/Presentation: Programming in Construction

Abstract of paper
A programme, especially in this part of the world, is frequently produced in order to satisfy one of the contractor’s contractual obligations of his contract. Usually too much is left to the whim of subcontractors who subsequently take over the pace of the project ignoring all but their own interests.

This paper is intended to give those who have not been directly involved with managing a construction project an in-depth insight of how a programme is (or should be) formulated and provide advice as to who should make the decisions, and the factors that should be taken into account when making these decisions.

Including presentation slides on the importance of a programme, contractual requirements, compilation responsibility, conditions for review, examples of effect of method selection, critical path method, resource levelling and dispute adjudication.

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