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22 January 2020 Annual Construction Law Update 2020


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January 2019 to November 2019
1. Titus Mohan Alexander
2. Simon Bellas
3. Maximilian Benz
4. Brian Bowie
5. Vijayakumar Chandrasekaran
6. Jess Chen
7. Andrew Cheng Lloyd
8. Leonard Chew
9. John Chong
10. Choy Lan Choo
11. Harshal Doshi
12. Jennifer Fong
13. Rachel Foxton
14. Adam Gregory
15. Kun Han
16. Xuan Ying Ho
17. Po Han Huang
18. Christopher Johnston
19. Wendy Koh
20. Anand KV
21. Sean Francois La'Brooy
22. Jeriel Lam
23. Minh Le
24. Joseph Lee
25. Siew Mun Lee
26. Tony Lee
27. Vivienne Li
28. Jiaxin Li
29. Shuik Chin Liew
30. Xide Low
31. Sujavudeen Mohamed
32. Mark Murphy
33. Irfan Muzzammil
34. Cathryn Mei Qin Neo
35. Vincent Ng
36. Andrew Oddie
37. Kok Seng Patrick Ong
38. Eunice Ong
39. David Park
40. Kien Wei Peng
41. Kent Phillips
42. Gladys Poh
43. Michael Por
44. Andrew Pullen
45. Teck Liang Jacob Quek
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48. Matthew James Skinner
49. Charmelia Sugianto
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52. Xian Ying Tan
53. Damien Tay
54. Ee-von Teh
55. WeiJian Teo
56. David Thornes
57. Tuck Huei Wong
58. Jimmy Yap
59. Jiaxiang Zhuo

Post Event Updates

SCL (Singapore) Career Talk for NUS Law Faculty

(2 October 2019)


Secretary's Message

Dear SCL(S) members,

Welcome to the final edition of SCL(S) Newsletter for 2019!

I have been a member of SCL(S) since the first year it was established and lost track of the number of years that I’ve served on the Council. I therefore feel confident in saying that the question the SCL(S) office bearers ask themselves before committing to a new expense is, “Does that represent good value for our members?”

During the course of this year we’ve held eight seminars, two very well attended networking events as well as the Annual Construction Law Conference and the 10th run of our “Construction Law 101” workshop. Your membership has also provided you with the opportunity to register at discounted rates for numerous other seminars and events held by the twelve professional organisations that we have reciprocal arrangements with. Also, let’s not forget your access to the Member’s Only resources on the website… I suspect you can see where I’m going with this! 

Membership renewal. SCL(S) needs your renewed support to continue delivering quality events and services. You can renew your membership here or subscribe to join here and then swiftly proceed to register for the first event of next year, the “Annual Construction Law Update, 2020” whilst there are still places left!

In the meantime, the SCL(S) Council would like to thank you for the loyalty you have shown over the years to the Society.
Karen Fletcher
Honorary Secretary, SCL (Singapore)


A Lack of Agreement? Approaches to liquidated damages in Singapore and the UK following Seraya v. Denka and Triple Point v. Ptt


1. For all but a very fortunate few, delays are an unfortunate inevitability in construction projects. The principles underpinning the application and enforceability of liquidated and ascertained damages – pre-agreed sums to compensate the employer in the event of delay to the works – are therefore of importance to all players in the construction industry.

2. Due to the close historical relationship between Singapore law and English law, in Singapore we always pay close attention to developments in construction law in England. The Singapore Courts have in recent years had to consider the extent to which it should be guided by major developments that have arisen in English law, in areas such as contractual remoteness, illegality and restitution. The Singapore Courts have also deviated from...

Contributed by: Kelvin Teo – Cavenagh Law LLP/Clifford Chance Asia; David Johnson – Atkin Chambers

Renewal of Membership for 2020

Dear Member,

As your current term of membership expires on 31 December 2019, please log in to Member Login/Logout to renew your membership.
If you have forgotten your log-in details, please use the “Forgot Login?” function under the Members’ Login section.

Once you are in the “Members Only” area, please update your details, if any, starting from the first “Profile” tab till the last tab “Membership Renewal” on the right. Check to ensure your details are correct before selecting “Update”.

To ensure timely processing of your membership renewal and to continue to enjoy the benefits as a member of SCL (Singapore), we would be most grateful to receive your online membership renewal no later than Friday, 27 December 2019.

Latest Post Event Updates

Practical Applications and Legal Implications of Drone Technology in Construction Projects

(20 November 2019)

With the construction industry in Singapore evolving to embrace new technologies such as drone usage, the seminar on “Practical Applications and Legal Implications of Drone Technology in Construction Projects” organised by the Society of Construction Law (Singapore) could not be more timely.
At the Society of Construction Law (Singapore)’s kind invitation, I was given the opportunity to team up with Tim Risbridger from Arcadis to share our views on this fast developing frontier. As Tim’s company has deployed drones on a number of construction projects including for aerial survey and site inspection, he was well positioned to share the practical challenges of operating drones in a densely populated city like Singapore. Some practical problems shared include predicting with certainty drone flight paths when there are instances of unpredictable weather.
Adding on to Tim’s insightful perspective on the actual usage of drone technology in construction projects, I shared with the audience the legal regulatory framework in which drones may be deployed in the construction industry. Key points highlighted in my section of the seminar included the type of permits parties must seek before...

Contributed by: Danna Er - Eldan Law LLP

The SIDP – Customising the Mode of Dispute Resolution for Each Dispute

(30 October 2019)

SCL (Singapore) was honoured to have Mr Chow Kok Fong, Chartered Arbitrator, speak at our professional development seminar entitled “The SIDP – Customising the Mode of Dispute Resolution for Each Dispute”. The Singapore Infrastructure Dispute Management Protocol, published in October 2018, is a Dispute Board platform for mega infrastructure projects that draws upon the comprehensive dispute resolution ecosystem in Singapore to manage differences, and minimise time and costs overruns.

Contributed by: Kelvin Aw - CMS Holborn Asia



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