29 July 2022

At the close of the time to receive nominations for election to the Council for the year 2022/2024, the following nominations for election to the posts of office bearers and members for Council were received by email (listed in alphabetical order by surname):

 No  Person Nominated
(alphabetical by surname)
 Proposer  Seconder  Position
(if any nominated for)
 1  Alexis Chan  Moon Kua  Anil Changaroth  Council Member
 2  Anil Changaroth  Moon Kua  Trevor Lam  Council Member
 3  Moon Kua  Lee Chau Ee  Sezgin Ozbilgin  Chairman
 4  Trevor Lam  Moon Kua  Lee Chau Ee   Vice Chairman
 5  Sezgin Ozbilgin  Moon Kua  Samuel Widdowson  Council Member 
 6  Ashok Kumar Rai  Lee Chau Ee  Moon Kua  Council Member 
 7  Andrei Soltan  Lynette Chew  Masya Jamaludin  Council Member 
 8  Kelvin Teo  Moon Kua  Lee Chau Ee  Assistant Honorary Treasurer
 9  Samuel Widdowson  Lee Chau Ee  Sezgin Ozbilgin  Honorary Treasurer
 10  Adrian Wong  Moon Kua  Lee Chau Ee  Honorary Secretary

All the above are paid up Full members.

Pursuant to Article 8.1 of the Constitution:

The administration of the Society shall be entrusted to a Council elected at alternate Annual General Meetings consisting of 11 members, constituted by 5 office bearers, namely: a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Assistant Honorary Treasurer, and six (6) other members, one of whom shall be the Immediate Past Chairman. The Immediate Past Chairman shall be the incumbent Chairman where he is not re-elected to be the Chairman, or in the event, the incumbent Chairman is so re-elected, the person who held office as Chairman immediately prior to the incumbent Chairman.

As there are nominations for a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, an Assistant Honorary Treasurer and five (5) Council Member positions, these nominees shall be deemed duly elected and Lee Chau Ee shall be the Immediate Past President. Please also find the Election Statements as provided by the nominees HERE for your attention.

As set out in our Notice of AGM appended below, a member may only vote by appointing either Lee Chau Ee, Chair of Society of Construction Law (Singapore) and Chairman of the meeting or any current member of the Society as the member’s proxy to vote at the meeting in accordance with the member’s indication by depositing with the Society the Proxy FormThis applies even if you have RSVPed to attend the virtual AGM.

The duly completed proxy form should be sent by email to the Society at secretariat@scl.org.sg or sent by post or physical delivery to “Society of Construction Law (Singapore)” c/o 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #08-169 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059819 by no later than 5.30pm on Monday, 1 August 2022

No voting will thus be carried out in the AGM.  Instead, the results of the votes (based on all valid proxies duly submitted) will be announced at the AGM. 


In light of the COVID-19 situation and pursuant to the relevant order under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, the following arrangements will be adopted for the Annual General Meeting, a member will not be able to attend the Annual General Meeting in person. A member may only attend the Annual General Meeting by observing and listening to the proceedings of the meeting by electronic means.

Please RVSP your attendance HERE by 5.30pm on Monday, 1 August 2022 to receive a link and password to attend the virtual AGM.  

The details and procedure for your attendance are attached in APPENDIX F.e attached in APPENDIX E.

13 July 2022


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27 January 2022

Dear SCL(S) members

As you may already know, SCL(S) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year! As part of the celebrations, we are planning a Strategic Leadership Dialogue, rolling out a SCL Singapore membership drive and putting together an anniversary sponsorship package, details of which will be with you really soon.

For now, we are really pleased to introduce the Anniversary Theme and Logo that illustrates our continued commitment to sustainability in the construction industry and how it can play a pivotal role in meeting the challenges of COVID recovery and beyond. I look forward to having as many of you join us on our celebratory journey!   

LEE Chau Ee
SCL Singapore Chair (2020-2022)

Thank you for your continued support of SCL Singapore over the years!
We celebrate our 20th anniversary this year and needless to say, we would not be where we are without your support.
An Overview of 20th Anniversary Celebrations
In this our 20th year, we focus on the increasingly critical role of “Sustainability” within the construction industry, as demonstrated through our specially commissioned logo and theme  which you will see throughout 2022.  

We invite you to join us for an exciting line-up of key programmes/events planned throughout the year, including:

  1. A Strategic Leadership Dialogue with Past Chairs of SCL Singapore from 2002-2022, which will be complimentary for members (August 2022)
  2. Our 20th Annual General Meeting where a ground-breaking new Business Membership Scheme will be tabled
  3. Our 3rd“ Focus on Asia” Conference – a full-day hybrid event around the theme of sustainability, which enjoys the support and participation of regional and international SCLs (Oct 2022)
  4. Our 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner to be held after “3rd Focus on Asia” Conference (Oct 2022)
  5. Launch of our Environmental Sustainability Focus Group set up further to discussions with Ms Indranee Rajah (as 2nd Minister for National Development) to undertake education, study and research in respect of environmental sustainability in the context of construction law, with the aim to publish the useful results of such study and research (through seminars, conference presentations, newsletter articles and the like) for the benefit of the public and the construction industry.  As a member, you would be invited to contribute your views/feedback.

More details will be available shortly.

20th Anniversary Membership Drive
Further, to celebrate our 20th year with our valued members, SCL Singapore has launched a special member-get-member promotion which applies from January-October 2022.
After all, who else better than you, our valued member, to share the benefits of membership in SCL Singapore.

When you, a current SCL Singapore member, sign up a new member for membership year 2022, both you and the recommended new member will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. 2 complimentary passes for your use at any of our 2-hour evening webinars/seminars of your choice to be utilised within 2022
  2. 1 complimentary pass for the new member at any of our 2-hour evening webinars/seminars of their choice to be utilised within 2022
This offer translates to an additional value for membership of between S$130 and S$160, in addition to all the standard benefits of membership which include:
  1. Discounted admission to our conferences, seminars and webinars
  2. Subsidised rates at our social and networking events
  3. Listing in our members’ directory
  4. Free copies of SCL(S) e-newsletter which features the latest commentary on construction-related legislation, case law and industry developments
  5. Free copies of downloadable conference/seminar papers and webinar materials from our events as well as those made available by the SCL International community as resources for SCL members (NB: a separate registration process is required)
  6. Weekly email updates on our upcoming conferences, seminars, webinars, social and networking events.

To participate in this limited offer, simply ask your contact to sign up and pay for membership HERE (indicating your name in the “I have been referred by” field).  Upon successful activation of the new membership, we will reach out to you with an email on the next steps to claim your complimentary event passes.

20th Anniversary Sponsorship Opportunities 

In addition, there are exciting opportunities for your organisations, We are excited to announce our 20th Anniversary sponsorship which aim to profile and reward your organisation throughout 2022!

There will be 4 tiers of sponsorship – Silver, Gold, Exclusive Titanium and Exclusive Platinum and sponsorship benefits include:

  1. Use of anniversary logo by sponsor throughout 2022
  2. Complimentary passes to each webinars/events throughout 2022
  3. Complimentary passes at our hybrid Focus on Asia Conference
  4. Complimentary passes at our 20thAnniversary Gala Dinner
  5. Inclusion of your organisation’s sponsor logo on our weekly emails, website homepage and LinkedIn page throughout 2022
  6. Inclusion of your organisation’s logo on our 20th anniversary zoom background/backdrop that will be used on all webinars and our AGM in 2022
  7. Inclusion of sponsor logo on the banners/backdrops of our in-person/hybrid events including the “Focus on Asia” Conference and 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner
  8. Sponsor acknowledgment at all events
  9. Contributions of substantive articles for our popular bimonthly newsletter
  10. Additional marketing and/or presentation opportunities for our Exclusive Titanium and Exclusive Platinum Sponsors!

If your organisation is interested in these sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to June Tan at secretariat@scl.org.sg today!

 20th Anniversary Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

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